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Steam Link Anywhere lets you play your Steam library on the go

Steam Link Anywhere lets you play your Steam library on the go

Valve has announced that it has expanded the functionality of its Steam Link Anywhere program (currently in beta ), which allows you to stream gameplay from a PC to any device supporting this technology (Android and Raspberry Pi). Steam Link - which previously only allowed you to stream your games around your own home - will now let you bounce your games to anywhere in the world, under the slightly revised name of Steam Link Anywhere.

Known as Steam Link Anywhere, the new feature is now in beta and will let users play his or her Steam library from any computer supporting Steam. That's because Apple has already rejected Steams attempts to get the Steam Link app into the App Store, saying that it represents "business conflicts" presumably because Apple is anxious about people playing PC games rather than those from the App Store. A bigger one is that the service is now available exclusively on the dedicated Steam Link microconsole - a somewhat odd decision, given that the Steam Link was discontinued in November past year. Even in a best-case scenario, you're probably going to notice the input latency with Steam Link Anywhere, and it's going to be more latency than you'd get with Google or Microsoft's streaming solutions. Follow the pairing instructions on screen. Before the feature rolled out, Steam Link only allowed gamers to stream within a local network in their homes.

Now, you should be able to connect to your PC that hosts your Steam library through your Android app.

Pour one out for the Steam Link. After that, you'll see an "Other Computer" option when searching for devices with Steam Link.

There's still no word from Valve regarding when the cross-platform wide-area game streaming feature will land in a form that isn't beta but that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

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