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'Captain Marvel' advance ticket sales top 240,000 in S

'Captain Marvel' advance ticket sales top 240,000 in S

Despite marking the studio's first solo outing with a female superhero, the result feels like one of Marvel's lesser lights - a dutiful cog in its vaunted cinematic universe as opposed to any sort of breakthrough. Well, got a spoiler-free review for you. But because Captain Marvel's own life is The Big Mystery, we don't get to know these two and their friendship as well as I'd have liked. It's one of the few downsides with the 2009 animated movie, and the Patty Jenkins film just reminded me so much of the Brian Azzarello run in the comics, which I do not care for. "This takes a while to really get going, but when Carol Danvers takes off she is unstoppable". Captain Marvel is definitely a top ten MCU outing, and potentially even a top five one. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck direct a screenplay they co-wrote with Meg LeFauve, Nicole Perlman, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Weeks before its release, Larson's portrayal of Captain Marvel was attacked by trolls on Rotten Tomatoes who hadn't even seen the movie. It's action-packed and also a lot funnier than I expected it to be.

"Captain Marvel" is fun but it's not flawless. That being said, this "serviceable" method Marvel Studios has been doing seems to work, because while most seem to be a bit underwhelmed, it thus far seems to be relatively pleasing, with its 86% fresh rating. Plus, when you're used to the most recent Marvel films, where we already know each character and can see them shine nearly immediately, and Captain Marvel's "big moment" takes far too long to arrive. But once you've seen the film as a whole, you kind of understand why they went the route that they did.

John Campea states, "An important Marvel movie that connects a lot of dots the MCU has generated over 20+ films". Brie Larson is the boss of space.

We'd imagine you'd learn all sorts of things if you were cast as a Marvel superhero. But the film's major scene stealers? Finally, there's Goose the Cat. And, for the record, the surprise delighted me ... I'm grateful to everyone I met this evening. Between a heavy 1990s soundtrack and Pinar Toprak's score, the film makes for a nice homage to the decade. He's paired well with Larson and they have a great buddy-cop relationship with each other. At its best, "Captain Marvel" is more like the first, slightly square "Captain America" movie, which was set in the 1940s and went about its business with retro assurance. "I think a few people know that". Kevin Feige and company have another hit, unsurprisingly.

Needless to say, Brie Larson more than carries the movie with her no-nonsense grunge attitude (she wears a Nine Inch Nails shirt for roughly a third of the movie, which should automatically earn anything some brownie points).

Ah, but when the wonderful Brie Larson's Captain Marvel crash-lands in a Blockbuster store on planet Earth in the year 1995, that's when the real fun begins - and that's where this girl-power/woman-power adventure finds its heart and its stride and its super-cool whiz-bang sense of humor. It's weird in all the right ways and has something for everyone from the most casual of Marvel fans to the die-hards and might require multiple viewings to really soak everything in.

Lashana Lynch gives a quietly powerful performance as Maria Rambeau, a single mother and former pilot who might be able to help Vers, aka Carol Danvers, aka the future Captain Marvel, unlock her past.

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