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Stone Cold Theory: Pence and Trump Will Both Be Charged

Stone Cold Theory: Pence and Trump Will Both Be Charged

FILE PHOTO: Roger Stone speaks after his appearance at Federal Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S., January 25, 2019.

Saturday Night Live has been getting a lot of help from Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump over the last few seasons, but this weekend they turned to another frequent guest host, Steve Martin, to bring the laughs in the Cold Open.

"For two years our committee has been mocked by the left and the media as not a serious investigation - yet, if you look at the indictments of the Russian Federation actors those came from our committee", said Nunes, who described Stone as a "flamboyant character".

He added that he would define the level of cooperation with Mueller's investigation after his lawyers "discuss something".

On Sunday, Stone said he was "mindful" of Mueller's "ability to induce people to say things that are not true, particularly people who are seeking a reduction in their sentence or people who have an ax to grind". "I'd also testify honestly about any other matter, including any communications with the president". Russian Federation has denied USA intelligence community's finding that Moscow interfered in the United States political arena.

The special counsel describes Stone as a conduit between the campaign and Wikileaks, which disseminated internal Democratic National Committee emails in the summer of 2016. Russian Federation has denied USA intelligence community's finding that Moscow interfered in the US political arena.

The indictment against Stone also says he told members of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign that he had advance knowledge of plans by the WikiLeaks website to release damaging emails about Trump's Democratic opponent in 2016, Hillary Clinton. In comments to journalists on January 28 in Florida ahead of his arraignment, Stone accused Mueller of "a raw abuse of power". Corsi's attorney Larry Klayman was present in the courtroom for Stone's arraignment. "The entire back of the house was surrounded by agents, all of them brandishing sidearms and assault rifles".

He accused them of trying to terrorize his wife and his dogs. He said: "I set up a donation page based on a phrase people have been yelling everywhere at me: 'Hey Roger, go fund yourself!'" "He called it an 'over the top display of raw power" he maintains was meant to intimidate him as well as 'certain witnesses in my case'.

The indictment against Stone may seem damning - he allegedly told a radio host that he should "pull a Frank Pentangeli", in reference to a Godfather character who lied to a congressional committee - but Stone left his house in high spirits, imitating his hero Richard Nixon's victory pose.

'Congressman Schiff and Congressman Eric Swalwell as well have been beating this drum for a year, ' Stone said.

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