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3 things that have happened since people watched The Fyre Festival documentaries

3 things that have happened since people watched The Fyre Festival documentaries

By now, most event planners have probably heard of the Fyre Festival. He did start giving his own responses on the matter through Twitter.

To learn about McFarland's scamming origins and partnership with Ja Rule: Both Both films focus on how McFarland started as an entrepreneur in NY; he founded Magnises, a members-only credit card company for wealthy millennials that offered benefits such as tickets to high-profile events (spoiler alert: these benefits didn't exist.) Along with covering his first venture, the two films also show how he came to partner with Ja Rule for Fyre Festival and touch on how the event was supposed to be a launching point for the Fyre app, a Tinder-esque swiping platform to book A-list performers at events.

"I'm at the airport on Thursday morning (of the festival) when I got the call", Maryann recalled. I would never scam or fraud anyone. "I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!" he later added.

Netflix got its trailer out first, but Hulu beat it to the punch with their own documentary examining the events leading up to and after the tragic Fyre Festival in 2017. We know the person is a compulsive liar'.

"They also owe us for the cottages, which we never put in". At the time of the incident, Ja Rule took to his social media account to say, "NOT MY FAULT....but I'm taking responsibility" - a contradictory statement.

Instead of gourmet food, an image showed one festival-goer had been presented with two unbuttered basic pieces of brown bread, two thin slices of cheese and a handful of salad.

"Hulu PAID BILLY! That money should've went to the Bahamian [people.] Netflix PAID F-Jerry the same guys that did the promo for the festival..."

In Netflix's documentary on the festival, Maryann explained that she lost at least $50 000 after giving meals to attendees and organisers of the festival even after it was clear that it was a complete failure. The Ringer also confirmed that the Hulu documentarians paid McFarland for an interview and behind-the-scenes footage, but deny the $250,000 figure. McFarland dodges the question, saying he will not comment on their private conversations.

Last October, a federal court in Manhattan sentenced McFarland to six years in prison for his role in the Fyre Festival.

Mashable reports that both Ja Rule and Billy McFarland were aware of the impending disaster that would happen.

As two Fyre Festival documentaries hit the airwaves, a couple who say their credit was ruined due to the Fyre Festival's lack of payment for their services have raised $54,381 at time of publication on GoFundMe.

"They really, really, really, really hurt me".

We'd certainly like to see those receipts, Mr. Rule.

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