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Nintendo And Microsoft Emabrace Crossplay Leaving Sony Out In The Cold

Nintendo And Microsoft Emabrace Crossplay Leaving Sony Out In The Cold

Sony has ignored pressure from the public and from game makers regarding opening the PS4 to cross-platform play. Some PlayStation 4 games, including "Fortnite", allow limited cross-play with PC/Mac and iOS/Android, but not the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. There are still a few years left in the current generation of game consoles, and while the PS4 has ruled the sales charts to date, Microsoft and Nintendo are pulling out all the stops to change the narrative going forward. This is an attempt to convince friends of friends to buy Playstations so that they can play together, I suppose, but it's stupid and bad.

Rubbing salt into the wound, the two gaming companies have released a new trailer highlighting just how fun it is to craft together.

Sony isn't mentioned anywhere in the video, but it's clear the trailer takes a passive-aggressive jab at the company's stubbornness around cross-play.

Microsoft and Nintendo are best buddies. "Previous highs were May 2016 for PlayStation 4, May 2015 for Xbox One, and May 2017 for Switch".

The move puts more pressure on Sony, which has remained mum on the possibility of further opening up cross network play.

Taking advantage of the weakened position Sony is in after releasing a statement that said nothing but defended its position on the cross-platform play, Nintendo and Microsoft shame the company without having to name it.

Sony is still in hot water with gamers over blocking cross-play between players on other consoles.

Sony refuses to let PlayStation 4 users play games with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users.

Despite the unpatchable exploit discovered in the bootROM for Nvidia Tegra X1-based devices, such as the Switch, Nintendo has other anti-piracy measures in place to dissuade owners of its console from cracking their devices.

Sony always has something for its community whether it's in terms of exclusive games or special discounts. It's a clever, nearly subtle dig at Sony's cross-play restrictions.

Ubisoft lost the second spot to Bethesda this year as Sega inched ahead of Activision, which came in last.

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