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Parkland students brand firearm ban during Pence speech as NRA hypocrisy

Parkland students brand firearm ban during Pence speech as NRA hypocrisy

It's the NRA's first gathering since the February 14 school shooting that left 17 dead in Parkland, Florida, sparking student-led protests across the country and opening up a national debate on gun reform.

Other speakers include NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox, NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, and North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson but some of those slated to address the gun lobby are more peculiar. "But when they put on a convention, the weapons are a concern?" The Secret Service is telling attendees at the NRA's annual meeting that they do not have a right to carry their guns into the hall when the President or the Vice President are speaking.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Cameron Kasky also weighed in on the matter, writing: "The NRA has evolved into such a hilarious parody of itself". "Can someone explain this to me?" "Am I missing something?" he asked on Twitter. "Because it sounds like the NRA wants to protect people who help them sell guns, not kids". And the agency has "authority to preclude firearms from entering sites visited by our protectees, including those located in open-carry states", it said in a statement.

"If I was a [Democrat], I'd have a field day with this", one member wrote. Trump brought up the possibility of raising the age to buy a long gun from 18 to 21, and the administration is moving to potentially implement a ban on bump stocks.

The restriction on firearms was imposed by the Secret Service, not by the NRA. Many pundits took glee in leveling charges of hypocrisy against the NRA, which fervently campaigns against gun-free zones and in favor of the rights of gun owners to legally carry their weapons in public spaces.

Trump's participation at the NRA gathering was only confirmed on Tuesday, but Vice President Mike Pence's attendance had been previously announced. Last year, in Atlanta, guns were banned during an appearance by President Trump.

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