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Cargo spacecraft docks with the International Space Station

Cargo spacecraft docks with the International Space Station

"This is the second resupply mission for NASA where we are not only flying a flight-proven booster but we are also flying a Dragon that has already been to the International Space Station", SpaceX's Jessica Jensen, director of Dragon mission management, told reporters Sunday. It was launched on April 2 with a Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX on a NASA-contracted mission. Such reuse is part of SpaceX's plan to slash the cost of spaceflight, thereby opening the heavens to exploration.

Dragon freighters aren't likely to see such heavy reuse, at least not in the near future.

Dragon is the same space capsule that visited the ISS in April 2016. Numerous scientific experiments are included in this, one being about plant growth in space.

The investigation could help discover whether drugs function differently in microgravity environments, potentially informing the development of cheaper and more powerful medicines on Earth.

The SpaceX Cargo Capsule delivered a massive 5836 pounds of cargo and experiments that will keep the station going on research missions that expand our knowledge of outer space.

The fact that the same capsule was able to be used twice is significant in our quest to make space travel more accessible and economical.

The Dragon will remain at the ISS until next month, when crewmembers will load it up with about 3,900 lbs. The capsule will depart and maneuver its way to a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean off Baja California, where SpaceX personnel will retrieve it by boat.

On the other hand, the Falcon 9 rocket that carried the Dragon could not be recovered.

This was actually Kanai's first time as a space flier, yet he navigated the SpaceX Cargo Capsule into the ship using the robotic arm with flawless precision - ensnaring the capsule at around 6:40 A.M. EDT with the assistance of ground controllers in Houston and Canada.

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