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Will Israeli Coalition Crisis Trigger Early Elections?

Will Israeli Coalition Crisis Trigger Early Elections?

Netanyahu told parliament on Monday that a "supreme effort" must be made to preserve the coalition, which is bickering over a bill that would restore military draft exemptions to ultra-Orthodox men.

"I want to thank my coalition partners who acted responsibly so that we could continue to lead the State of Israel with determination and with success", Netanyahu said at the beginning of his speech.

The political woes come as Netanyahu is battling corruption allegations.

Haaretz reported that Netanyahu did not have enough votes in the Knesset to bring down the government and trigger early elections.

Although Lieberman has enjoyed a healthy working relationship with Netanyahu and his similarly conservative Likud party, a schism has persistently existed in the coalition between secular parties like Yisrael Beiteinu and orthodox parties like The Jewish Home, Shas and UTJ.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu and other coalition party heads reached an agreement to end a crisis over an IDF enlistment bill, ending rampant speculation that a snap poll would be called as early as that evening.

Coalition chiefs on Tuesday evening hailed the compromise deal achieved at the last minute which seems to have solved a coalition crisis that had nearly dismantled the government, with Netanyahu taking credit for the agreement.

The legislation was in the end presented as a private members bill and not a government proposal, annulling the practice to fire a minister that votes against it.

Meanwhile, Kulanu party chairman and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon had threatened to resign unless the budget was passed this week.

The bill in question is meant to grant a military exemption to Haredi (literally means "in awe of God", often called "ultra-Orthodox" in English but not without controversy) students attending a yeshiva (a traditional Jewish school for the study of the Torah and Talmud).

Under the compromise, ultra-Orthodox parties agreed to support the budget if the conscription legislation passes an initial parliamentary reading this week, with a final vote to be held this summer.

Lieberman vowed on Tuesday that his Yisrael Beitenu party would "vote as one against the bill" as it stands now. "We'll vote against the enlistment law", he said.

In September, Israel's top court ruled that a law exempting ultra-Orthodox Jews from military service is unconstitutional and gave the government one year to address the issue.

United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal if Germany, France and the United Kingdom do not meet its demands, US President Donald Trump told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their White House meeting.

Investigators last month recommended to prosecutors that Netanyahu be indicted in at least two corruption cases against him.

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