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Out of control: the Earth will collapse toxic space station

Out of control: the Earth will collapse toxic space station

China's first space station named Tiangong-1 meaning Heavenly Palace went out of control on March 16 of 2016, and the nation revealed in 2017 that regaining control resulted in failure.

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Gistda) has been monitoring the movement of the 8-tonne Tiangong-1, which is predicted to hit the earth in April, executive director Anond Snidvongs said on Saturday. The corporation works in two-weeks of error - one before and one after April 3 - in its latest estimation.

It was hard to predict when the module might land because its speed was affected by the constantly changing "weather" in space, he said.

Some parts could survive as debris and hit the ground. After the last crew departed the module in June 2013 it was put into sleep mode and it was intended that it would remain in orbit for some time, allowing China to collect data on the longevity of key components before being commanded to gradually re-enter the atmosphere.

"We have been continuously monitoring Tiangong-1 and expect to allow it to fall within the first half of this year", Mr Zhu said. "The chance of it falling onto Thailand is 0.1%".

"It is only in the final week or so that we are going to be able to start speaking about it with more confidence". "During its re-entry, most of its parts will burn up through the atmosphere, leaving only a few to land on Earth. But we will only know where they are going to land after the fact".

"Remember that a 1 hour error in our guessed reentry time corresponds to an 27000 km (17000 mile) error in the reentry position", he said in a tweet. The current estimated window is "highly variable", the European Space Agency cautioned.

At over 18,000 pounds, Tiangong-1 is expected to reenter the atmosphere sometime around April 3, according to Aerospace Corporation.

"There is a chance that a small amount of Tiangong-1 debris may survive re-entry and impact the ground", reports Aerospace.

"In the history of spaceflight, no person has ever been harmed by reentering space debris".

There is no need for alarm or concern of being hit by the space debris.

Tiangong 1 was launched in September 2011 by China.

Visitors look at a model of the Tiangong-1 space station at an exhibition in Beijing in June previous year.

The craft is now at an altitude of less than 300 kilometres (186 miles) in an orbit that is decaying, forcing it to make an uncontrolled re-entry.

The South Island and lower North Island as seen from the International Space Station.

"This means that re-entry may take place over any spot on Earth between these latitudes, which includes several European countries, for example". At no time will a precise time/location prediction from ESA be possible.

When the module does plummet to Earth, it is expected to break up and spread fragments of debris over areas spanning thousands of miles.

But owing to the station's mass and construction materials, there is a possibility that some portions of it will survive and reach the surface.

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