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China Temporarily Bans The Use Of The Letter 'N' On The Internet

China Temporarily Bans The Use Of The Letter 'N' On The Internet

If Xi Jinping succeeds in relieving himself of term limits and framing authoritarianism as a viable alternative to liberal democracy, "he will not only have secured his own future and extended the future of China's Communist Party, he may also establish a new model for authoritarianism to thrive worldwide", The New York Times said on February 28. The god-king model is back.

The timing was a direct slap at China: Chief of the Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs Office and Xi Jinping confidant Liu He 刘鹤 was at the White House today, apparently in the hopes of talking the Trump administration out of a trade war.

Global Times, the state-run newspaper, lashed out quickly to those who noticed the ban. The ban was implied when the people started criticizing the leader Xi Jinping for ruling differently and used the letter N for doing so. Xi does not want to transform the world's most populous country into a peasant and worker's state like Mao but into a global power that can rival or even surpass the U.S. as the strongest economy in the world. Where we all remember the crimes of Tiananmen Square, and will ultimately hold all those responsible for the slaughter of tends of thousands of students then, and hundreds of thousands since to account for their crimes against the chinese people! Upon becoming president, Xi altered the composition of the PSC, shrinking it from nine to seven, and broke with previous norms favouring balance on the committee to be instead strongly in favour of his clique.

Being president-for-life certainly wasn't a good idea for former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, who was also effectively in power for life. It became known as the "era of stagnation", and only seven years after Brezhnev died in 1982 the whole Communist empire in eastern Europe collapsed. Xi joined the Communist Party of China in 1974 and steadily rose through the party ranks.

As he set to cement his power removing two term limit, Xi plans to appoint four vice premiers to work on popular programmes like poverty relief, environmental protection and improving economy which would enhance his image at home.

It has worked pretty well, as dictatorships go. Previously, the country's leaders had been restricted to two terms. And Pooh went from a sweet, friendly creature to a political meme in China. The fact that party loyalty, censorship and a state economy will continue to play a big role was already clear without such an old-school and authoritarian show of power. In such a circumstance, an op-ed in The Sydney Morning Herald claimed that Xi's coronation will "entrench China's hi-tech authoritarianism".

Mere personal ambition is one obvious possibility, but there is probably more to it than that. The party's power has also expanded under Xi. "It was a very sudden and bold move that has raised many questions and concerns and there are some who can not understand", why the change is needed, said one man surnamed Ding, who works in the finance sector.

But Disney can't control what the internet decides to take up as a revolutionary symbol.

He has chosen the latter course, and in terms of protecting himself it is probably the right choice.

"Judging from Xi's past traits, the abolishment [of term limits] may have paved an easy path for Xi to seek his third term, but I don't think Xi wants to be an emperor for life", Yang said. And that is precisely the problem.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has often stressed that to uphold the rule of law we must adhere to constitution-based governance first. And, when the passage of time makes the mistakes obvious, you are obliged to defend them, although a successor could just drop them and move on.

Xi, for the moment, holds all three positions.

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