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Proposal to change Chinese president's term limits

Proposal to change Chinese president's term limits

"He has removed any potential political competitors".

The Communist Party of China announced a proposal Sunday to abolish a constitutional provision limiting a president's time in office to two terms, setting the stage for Xi Jinping to stay on beyond 2023. They will not nearly certainly be passed into law by the National People's Congress in March, as China's legislature always goes along with the proposals of party officials.

"This move, which would allow for a single individual to amass and accumulate political power, means that China would again have a dictator as her head of state - Xi Jinping", said Joshua Wong, one of the movement's leaders.

National People's Congress members are elected every five years, the same as the president and vice-president. Xi holds all three positions.

There had been speculation that Mr Xi wanted to stay on past the customary two five-year terms - October's party congress ended without appointing a clear successor for Mr Xi.

Thirty years of collective management of China are over. "We're witnessing the direct dismantling of the Deng-era project to normalize Chinese politics and to guard against the return of a Mao Zedong".

The move to lift the presidential term limits is not unexpected. "In China, ordinary people already consider Xi Jinping to be the emperor".

The Communist Party's decision confirmed that Xi enjoys massive influence over the entire Communist Party to be able to rewrite one of the most crucial aspects of the constitution.

"President Xi may be in a leading position for a relatively long time", Hu said.

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Its mandate has been characterized, abroad, by an increasingly prominent presence of China on global stage: Xi has presented itself as a defender of economic globalization and fight against climate change and has offered its country as an alternative to The isolationist tendencies of United States during era of Donald Trump.

"If two terms are not enough, then they can write in a third term, but there needs to be a limit".

The announcement could pave the way for the party to redefine both of those roles, giving Xi and Wang a more solid base to exercise power, although the released draft did not touch on that area. Or he might not retire at all. And so these limits are going to be taken out of the constitution.

MCCAMMON: And what signs, if any, have there been that this was coming? He's been knocking out his political rivals in an anti-corruption campaign.

The statements were issued as Xi, quoted by official media, stressed the importance of the constitution.

Analysts in Delhi believe that the world will have to pay "very close" attention to what President Xi thinks as he is likely to be the president of China for an indefinite period. What Xi's supporters are saying is that these are special times and they demand some special arrangements.

Since taking office more than five years ago, Xi has overseen a radical shake-up of China's Communist Party, including getting rid of top leaders once thought untouchable as part of a war on deep-rooted corruption.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, stressed the important role of the Constitution. Thank you so much, Anthony.

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