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Vaping? You could be inhaling lead and arsenic, a new study says

Vaping? You could be inhaling lead and arsenic, a new study says

E-cigarette users are inhaling significant amounts of lead and other toxic metals linked to heart and brain damage with each puff on their devices, a new study warns.

"It's important for the FDA, e-cigarette companies and vapers themselves to know that these heating coils, as now made, seem to be leaking toxic metals - which then get into the aerosols that vapers inhale", senior study author Ana Maria Rule of the Bloomberg School said, according to USA Today.

The study's authors tested three elements of the e-cigs: the liquid itself, the liquid inside of the vape pen's chamber, and the aerosol (or vapor). Most important, the scientists showed that the metal contamination carried over to the aerosols produced by heating the e-liquids.

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular with young adults.

For this study Ana and her team tested the e-cigarettes of 56 users for 15 different metals.

According to various media reports, the Union Health Ministry had recently ruled out acceptability of e-cigarettes in the light of research findings by experts who concluded that they have cancer-causing properties, are highly addictive, and do not offer a safer alternative to tobacco-based smoking products.

"[While] using e-cigarettes instead of conventional cigarettes may result in less exposure to cadmium", the researchers said, they do not protect users from "other hazardous metals found in tobacco".

Nearly half of the aerosol samples had lead concentrations higher than limits set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.

"These were median levels only".

The study, published Wednesday in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives by researchers from Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health, sampled 56 vape devices.

"...These heating coils, as now made, seem to be leaking toxic metals, which then get into the aerosols that vapers inhale..." They are probably the sources of metal contamination, although the source of the lead remains a mystery.

Typically, e-liquid in the dispensers has an insignificant amount of metal in it. "We don't know yet whether metals are chemically leaching from the coil or vaporizing when it's heated", Rule says. However, liquids in the e-cigarette tanks and aerosols contained higher levels.

"Many smokers choose to quit smoking without the assistance of a clinician and some opt to use e-cigarettes to accomplish this goal", the organization mentioned.

A study from Yale Cancer Center found that the nicotine in e-cigarettes, in and of itself, can cause cancer by damaging DNA. And study author Dr. Ana MarĂ­a Rule sees a comparable risk in terms of metal exposure between e-cigs and cigarettes.

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