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Eight donkeys jailed for eating flowers outside prison

Eight donkeys jailed for eating flowers outside prison

As an extremely weird case, Uttar Pradesh's Jalaun district donkeys were recently put behind bars for committing the "crime" of feasting on expensive plants outside Ural jail here.

The "detention" took place four days ago on the orders of the Jail Superintendent, Orai District Jail Sita Ram. The plants apparently cost several lakhs.

The animals were held after their owner, Kamlesh, let them loose despite being warned that a senior officer was planning to plant some expensive plants, RK Mishra, the head constable at Orai jail, had told ANI. The donkeys were released today after four days of detention. The owner of the animals, Kamlesh, said the horses and donkey were released on Monday evening.

The donkeys were handed over to their owner after the latter gave an affidavit promising they would never be seen around the prison building again, said the jail administration, adding that they locked the animals in a room inside the prison premises "to teach a lesson" to owners who leave their animals loose. When I came to know that they are in jail, I sought the help from local Bharatiya Janata Party leaders. The owners were located and they were told to "bail out" their animals only after filling a bond on the affidavit for committing the "crime" like any other criminal.

Sharma also said the animals were well known as mischief-makers in the area, the Times of India reports.

These donkeys had, on many occasions, caused road mishaps in the area, Sharma claimed.

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