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PS4 firmware 5.0 out now, full of minor updates

PS4 firmware 5.0 out now, full of minor updates

Sony has not announced when the new PlayStation VR will be released, but did say it will be priced the same as the current headset. With the new box users will no longer have to unhook the video feed cable to game on an HDR screen, which solves one of the main frustration points for PS4 Pro owners.

Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR revision, model CUH-ZVR2, will support HDR passthrough, but the thing is, it's an all or nothing approach.

The new PlayStation VR with model number CUH-ZVR2 now comes with integrated stereo headphone cables. In addition, the headset's processor unit now supports HDR pass-through, meaning you don't need to disconnect the unit-which lies between the PS4 and your TV-to enjoy HDR-enabled content on your TV.

Sony has announced a new version of the PlayStation VR headset.

However, many critics have said that virtual reality headsets including the PlayStation VR don't quite offer an immersive experience, which they say has depressed consumer demand.

The updated model will first launch in Japan on October 14 for ¥44,980 ($400/£300), and come in a bundle with the required PlayStation Camera.

There are several high-end VR headsets out there, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but if you don't have a PC, Sony's PlayStation VR, which works with the PS4, is the easiest, best, and most affordable way to go.

The updated model of the PlayStation VR headset may be relatively minor, but it will still likely help Sony extend its lead over its rivals.

Model number CUH-ZVR2 has not been announced for Europe, so its unclear if this version will be available in the United Kingdom anytime soon. "The pricing of the PS VR bundles will remain the same". With the PS4 platform under their control, Sony managed to continuously launch a lot of titles to keep the PS VR active throughout the year since it got launched.

Yesterday we reported that Sony was releasing an updated PSVR model with a slightly improved design.

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