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San Juan Mayor To Trump Admin

San Juan Mayor To Trump Admin

"The problem has been with the logistics, the parts of the supply chain that move the cargo from our terminal to the shelves or to the tables of the people in Puerto Rico", Ayala said Wednesday. "It's been really slow".

"It's been chaos here in Puerto Rico", says Ezequiel Rodríguez-Andino, an independent radio producer in the capital, San Juan. "People are suffering outside".

The Trump administration is more anxious about political spin than they are getting aid to American citizens.

Ramos told CNN that about 4,000 utility workers were trying to fix the power grid and 1,000 more were expected to arrive over the weekend from the United States mainland.

The Trump administration, including President Trump himself, has criticized the media for not showing the federal recovery effort in Puerto Rico in a good enough light. He pressed Trump to put the Defense Department in charge of recovery efforts on the island. The Jones Act (officially called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) requires that goods and services between USA ports be carried by United States-flagged ships.

Rossello also told CNN that it was possible for the government to be "maximizing all our resources" and for the response to be "nowhere near where it needs to be".

"Maybe from where she's standing it's a good news story", she said on "New Day". At another location outside San Juan, people approached a cell tower with handsets extended, hoping to see bars appear on their phones. "I'm sorry but that really upsets me and frustrates me", said Cruz.

Duke said the federal response is focusing first on restoring power to hospitals before moving to gas stations. The houses are largely flattened, the roads are washed away.

San Lorenzo residents are collecting spring water to drink and taking turns cooking food for each other because residents are running low on basic supplies.

"I'm not satisfied because the fact is that we will not be satisfied until we stabilize the situation", Long said. But you don't talk about the politics when people don't have enough food or water.

U.S. National Guard
U.S. National Guard

Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to hit Puerto Rico in almost 90 years, has killed at least 16 people on Puerto Rico and more than 30 across the Caribbean.

"Puerto Rico is bigger than Katrina", he said. "I have a call!" she cried and answered it.

"I am proud of Americans helping Americans, friends and strangers alike". And almost half of the population doesn't have access to clean drinking water.

On Thursday, the White House announced the Federal Disaster Relief Fund will get a boost of almost $7 billion by the end of the week to help Puerto Rico.

Even as FEMA and the USA military have stepped up relief efforts, many residents in Puerto Rico voiced frustration at the pace of relief efforts. There were conflicting figures: A day earlier, FEMA said it had distributed 167,000 meals and 539,000 bottles of water.

But debris-filled roads and a shortage of truck drivers make distributing those supplies to the hardest-hit areas difficult.

According to a September 26 U.S. Pentagon report, 44% of the island is still without fresh water. Ryan noted that Trump had waived a matching funds requirement, which means the cash-strapped island won't have to contribute to the initial costs of the federal assistance.

Thomas Crowley, chief executive of the Crowley shipping firm, said this issue should appeal to Trump, who says he wants to protect American jobs. "We're going to get through this", Bossert said.

The administration temporarily lifted the rule earlier this month to ensure gasoline-starved Florida received supplies after Hurricane Harvey. He added, "Usually FEMA provides assistance to the governor, but in Puerto Rico's case, the agency is also assisting the municipal leadership". And foreign ships that took on gasoline or diesel before 11:59 p.m. September 22 under that waiver are still allowed to unload on USA soil, Customs and Border Protection spokesman Gregory Moore said last week. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and other lawmakers on the mainland stepped up demands for the appointment of a federal official to oversee relief efforts.

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