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Brandis hits out at Abbott over NRL song

Brandis hits out at Abbott over NRL song

The artist revealed his plans on the eve of the rugby league final in Sydney, where he will perform the hit song.

Macklemore told a radio show in the United States this week he had received "a lot of tweets from angry old white men" and vowed to "go harder" because of the furore.

"I think that is what music has the power to do, is not divide people, but create an environment where people can start a debate, can have a conversation", he said.

It's understood the funding arrangement is yet to be formally finalised.

"Yo the NRL hooked me up, I got some Tim Tams, I got some Ar-Noits (Arnotts), I got some Anzacs, I got some koalas, some of these", the rapper said, with an endearing stumble on the famed biscuit brand.

Rapper Macklemore has pledged a donation to the "Yes" campaign for marriage equality.

"Thank you Macklemore - your song and support continues to inspire and energise us", he said.

"Footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicized grand final".

Australians were becoming increasingly exhausted of the negativity from the "no" campaign, Mr Greenwich added.

"So I need to figure out how to do that and what that looks like, but that is something I am going to do".

When the song, written during the U.S. same-sex marriage debate, hit number one on iTunes in Australia on Thursday night, the singer said it was a sign "love is winning".

Yesterday someone started a petition in Australia to ban me from playing Same Love at the #NRLGF.

According to Pink News, former rugby player Tony Wall petitioned NRL boss Todd Greenberg to remove the song because the league needs to "take a neutral position on the question of same-sex marriage".

The song, which was number one on the Australian charts four years ago, shot back up to the top spot after conservative politicians called for it to be banned.

Federal MP Bob Katter also slammed the NRL's decision to invite Macklemore to the grand final, claiming "nobody had ever heard of" the four-time Grammy Award victor.

"I thought Mr Abbott believed in freedom of speech".

The recent publicity surrounding the song may have helped it surge up the Australian iTunes charts, where it stands at No.1 as of Saturday afternoon.

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