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Rogue Twitter Account Has A Following

Rogue Twitter Account Has A Following

The going-rogue began after Trump's January 20 swearing-in when the National Park Service was forced to shut down its official Twitter activity temporarily after an employee re-tweeted posts about low attendance at Trump's inauguration.

Employees at NASA have created the Twitter account @RogueNASA with the disclaimer describing it as "The unofficial 'Resistance" team of NASA.

They told us they acted to make sure "factual information about climate change and other scientific research continues to be shared during the Trump administration". It began by posting a mix of climate change data and lamentations that scientists were forced to create anonymous Twitter accounts to speak facts to the world.

Seizing on Trump's favorite mode of discourse, scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, and other bureaus have privately launched Twitter accounts - borrowing names and logos of their agencies - to protest restrictions they view as censorship and provide unfettered platforms for information the new administration has curtailed.

The accounts quickly became a viral sensation, sending out sassy messages of dissent, underscoring the truth about climate change, sharing support for the people of Standing Rock in the face of the now imminent Dakota Access Pipeline, and promoting the planned Scientists' March On Washington. Yet now it seems that there are many other Trump-haters who have formed rogue accounts that spout stuff that doesn't tally with Trump's point (s) of view.

Who are the people behind these Twitter accounts? Another employee tweeted that while Trump can take away their Twitter, he can never take their free time, the Sky News says. According to the ABC News Sydney, the chaos have started last week when an Interior Department employee re-tweeted posts about relatively low attendance at Trump's inauguration compared to former President Obama's massive crowd.

In response, these agencies have set up alternative Twitter accounts to fight back against Trump's attempt at silencing their agencies.

That account claims it has since been handed over to supporters outside the agency. In reply to Donald Trump's disbelief in the effects of global warming and his wish to build a wall along the perimeter of Mexico, the rogue NASA Twitter account stated that they must be a nightmare come true for Donald Trump.

The account, which has more than 316,000 followers, urges fans to follow its tweets for "for science and climate news and facts".

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